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Name Category Price
Chanel 01A DIVINE black duchess satin evening coat, 36, NEW
Fashion  $1550.00 
Chanel 01A ICONIC COLLECTIBLE "Drop of No. 5" Sweatshirt, 34-40, MINT -- SOLD
Fashion  $1790.00 
Chanel 03A MOCK CROC VEGAN sleeveless vest jacket, 38-40, MINT
Fashion  $850.00 
Chanel 05P $5.5K blk/white coat dress, 36-38, MINT
Fashion  $950.00 
Chanel 08A $18K blk origami ribbon coat, 38-40, NEW
Fashion  $2950.00 
Chanel 09A $11.3K Paris Moscou MINK trimmed Georgette dress, 38, NEW
Fashion  $2250.00 
Chanel 12P $15K Organza Mille-Feuille Pleated Dress, 36, NEW
Fashion  $1050.00 
Hermès SUPERB deerskin leather jumping jacket, 40-44, MINT
Fashion  $1250.00 
Louis Vuitton $2.4K MOST WANTED blush ad campaign dress, FR38, NEW
Fashion  $850.00 
Valentino MOST WANTED rockstud trench coat, IT42/FR38, NEW -- SOLD
Fashion  $2450.00 

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